The pope’s speech to the participants in the meeting on the 50th anniversary of the departure of Cardinal Pia

The pope’s speech to the participants in the meeting on the 50th anniversary of the departure of Cardinal Pia
Pope Francis was received at 11:30 am Thursday at the Vatican Auditorium in a meeting to mark the 50th anniversary of the departure of Cardinal Augustine Pia.

The Pope addressed his 100 guests with a speech he began by thanking Cardinal Kurt Koch for his address on behalf of the two conferences. He pointed out that the meeting was organized in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, the Babylonian Bible Institute and the Center for Christian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Pope said that the guests had the opportunity to look at the biography of this man, who had an important impact on some of the documents of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, particularly in relations with Judaism, the unity of Christians, freedom of conscience and the practice of religious rites. Francis stressed that we should remember how Cardinal Biya achieved those achievements, because he remains a model

He then drew the understanding of the other Cardinal, who was convinced that love and respect were the basis for dialogue. Biya also had a second, good and human nature, knowing how to create bonds of friendship and relationships based on brotherhood among the people God created. He had the understanding to accept the other and the good, who had established relationships of unity, and also held in his heart great courage and perseverance. However, his efforts aimed at dialogue were not limited to problems and obstacles, and despite the accusations against him, he continued to go to

He did not give up love. When he was told that the times were not ripe yet for the things he proposed, he answered: We should make them mature! Cardinal Biya had a realistic view of the future of unity and said that the Second Vatican Council should be a starting point, not an access point.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the dialogue between Jews and Catholics, pointing out that the meeting on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the departure of Cardinal Pia was an important step in this dialogue process. The Pope expressed his congratulations to the students who took the responsibility of learning the Hebrew language and learning about a complex religious and cultural world It is very rich. And urged them to follow up this activity, and also addressed a word of thanks to the professors, who put the students’ time and competence. He referred in particular to the Jewish professors and professors of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and said that they were studying in B
Where their presence is new, and this carries a message in itself. Francis wondered how can a genuine dialogue be held without knowledge from within? The testimony given by both Jewish and Catholic teachers is worth more than many speeches.

The Pope emphasized that the Catholic-Jewish dialogue was limited to specialists. That was important, but not enough. Dialogue should not be limited to very few people but should be beneficial to large numbers of people. This dialogue must transcend the boundaries of the scientific environment. “It is nice, for example, that rabbis and priests can work together in the city
Themselves, together with their communities, serve the suffering people and promote a path of peace and dialogue with all. At the end of his speech to the participants in the meeting, Pope Francis hoped that Cardinal Pia’s activity would be an incentive to strengthen the commitment in the search for unity among Christians and in the promotion of renewed friendship with the Jewish brothers. He asked God to bless the march that his guests were passing through.

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